1:1 Public Speaking and Rhetorical Training

Learn how to communicate with conviction, focus, and impact

Få en tilpasset træningspakke - kommunikationstræning og ledertræning

Personally tailored training package

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Start your training when it best suits you

Få en retorisk analyse - kommunikationstræning og ledertræning

Rhetorical analysis of your communications profile (free of charge)

Fokus på dine mål - kommunikationstræning og ledertræning

Full focus on your goals

Få din helt egen retoriker og sparringspartner - kommunikationstræning og ledertræning

Your own confidential rhetorical coach

Start focusing on your power and performance with individual rhetorical training

Would you like to strengthen your presentations and communicate your message clearly and with confidence? Would you like to prepare and deliver at meetings and interviews with greater success? Would you like to improve your public speaking and motivational speeches? Then start your rhetorical training here.

Whether you are a CFO, CEO, another type of executive, or a specialist, we can provide you with tools and knowledge on how to improve and develop your oral communication, focusing especially on your leadership skills.

Our rhetorical training will help you:

  • Create and communicate your messages clearly, goal-oriented, and persuasively.
  • Focus and customize your communication according to your purpose, your target group, and the given situation.
  • Use rhetorical tools to increase your credibility and impact.
  • Use your body language, gestures, and voice actively and strategically in your presentations.
  • Take part in interviews and meetings with more control, energy, and confidence.
  • Make sure that you are seen, heard, and remembered in your verbal and written interactions.

Regardless of whether your communication is directed towards colleagues, customers, councils, or others, our training program will make sure your message comes across with greater impact and success.

Få lavet en retorisk analyse sammen med retorik- og kommunikationstræning

Get a rhetorical analysis and a targeted action plan now - obligation free

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of your communication profile

Before we begin your communication training, we always conduct a rhetorical analysis and develop an action plan with focused efforts for your Personal Power training. The study is based on you as the sender, your communication tasks, and your goals.
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Your rhetorical consultant

Our trainers are academically qualified educators and are experienced consultants in the field. We educate people in high-ranking and middle-ranking positions, executives, specialists, managers, and employees who communicate internally or externally in the company, or who wish to power through in their communication skills, message delivery, and leadership ability. Our goal is to provide you with useful development here and now, so you can use your acquired skills as soon as you leave our guidance.

Nikolaj Ottosen Støtt - Retorikfirmaet, retorikkurser og kommunikationskurser

Nikolaj, MA in Rhetoric
Rhetorician, coach and partner

Sanne Rossen - Retorikfirmaet, retorikkurser og kommunikationskurser

Sanne, MA in Rhetoric
Rhetorician and coach

Louise Fischer-Nielsen - Retorikfirmaet, retorikkurser og kommunikationskurser

Louise, MA in Rhetoric
Rhetorician and coach

During our training, you will be challenged, gain a new understanding, and learn useful tools and tips on how to improve your performance. We will proceed by using actual cases from your day-to-day work, so we can view your current communicating methods. The purpose is to create an analysis of your rhetorical profile so we hands-on can help you build confidence and authenticity for your next conversation, meeting, or correspondence.

One of the essential elements in leadership is how you deliver your message and its key points. If you want to succeed in creating an impact you must come across as trustworthy and as involved as possible.

Focusing on your presentation techniques increases presence in your performance and leads to an engaged audience and a larger pay-off. This is why working with a rhetorical consultant often proves beneficial for developing impactful communication – regardless of whether you are an experienced orator or new in the field. Understanding how to enhance your public speaking will also help you relax and deliver more confidently.

We offer shorter and longer training sessions to fit your needs and goals. Typically, a training session consists of two hours per session and in these two hours, we supply you with effective tools and exercises. You will practice actual cases from your work with video training and provided feedback from your rhetorical consultant.

The price varies depending on length, required training needs, set-up, etc. Call or email us to receive an offer for a custom-made training session.

kurser & træning, Henrik Høen-Beck - Retorikfirmaet

Henrik Høen-Beck

Partner, contact manager, and communications advisor

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